New York Diaries – Intro

Truth: Sometimes, you just need to step back and take time to enjoy life.

I can totally resonate with the above fact presently. I honestly CANNOT believe it’s been almost a month since I last posted. Life (mainly work) has just been SO busy lately! In any case, I’m back now. And this time, we’re headed to the big apple (so long Bangkok).

Well, actually, it was almost 1 year ago that I jetted over to NYC (this is basically a very, VERY belated review of it).


First impressions = long-lasting memories

I don’t think I really know where to start when talking about my 1 week trip in New York. I mean, I quite frankly enjoyed all aspects of it (including my stay at the swanky W Hotel)! Whether it was admiring the sparkle and shine of Times Square from morning till night, or taking a very casual stroll through Central Park on one or more occasions, my first ever grand adventure in big city were definitely fun. No doubt I took well over hundreds of photos of all the key highlights: St Patrick’s Cathedral, Flatiron Building, Statue of Liberty etc.


Obviously, travelling wouldn’t be complete without a bit of food. If I ever get to go back again, I will definitely make sure I buy a dozen of those impeccably delicious cupcakes with buttercream icing and sprinkles from Magnolia Bakery (thank you Carrie Bradshaw for recommending this amazing place).


Reflections from a worldwide traveller

I think for me, travelling is something that I undoubtedly enjoy pursuing as a long-term past time. It’s something that brings me immense pleasure. It immerses me in moments that I yearn to savour forever. So, if asked whether I’d like to make travelling part of my job I’d have to reply with a definite “Yes”. However, would I turn travelling into my whole career? I’d have to think twice about that. Travelling is a hobby I choose to pursue when I have time. And it’s perhaps indulging in these heightened periods of adventure that have ultimately made my travels so memorable to me.


Travel thought for this post: if not now, then when?

So for this 3 part series of travel blog posts, I’d like to open up myself more genuinely to all my readers. It’s not going to be overly preachy about what you should or shouldn’t do when you’re in New York (and a couple of other cities in America I took some sneaky but casual day trips to). Because honestly, I think most will probably already know (and have planned) what to see and visit well before they’re there since New York is so famous. Rather, it’s going to be, well, personal. Perhaps I’ll link in some childhood anecdotes, or I’ll speak from a more critical (anthropological) angle. Whatever’s the case, I hope it’ll inspire you to travel more and live well.


So, won’t you join me next week for chapter 1?

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15 thoughts on “New York Diaries – Intro

  1. America is definitely NOT the first country I will consider in my travel list, but after seeing your pictures, I started to change my mind. Never think that New York can be a such a beautiful place to relax. I just can’t wait to read the other 2 chapters of your trip, hope they can change my feeling about the States.

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