Something Purple, Something Sweet

Truth: Breakfast? It’s an egg-cellent start to the day

Following up from my first breakfast recipe on vegan buckwheat pancakes, since I haven’t written a food blog post in over 2 weeks (a new record for me honestly), this recipe post is going to be egg-xtra special.


Ok enough with the egg-xcesive amount of food puns, let’s start cooking (talking about what to cook to be more precise).

In case you’ve never tried it, purple sweet potato is a beautiful and delicious alternative to the typical orange sweet potato. It’s highly nutritious (apparently because it’s got less sugar yet high in carbs) and, honestly, its colour is absolutely stunning! Serve it up with a poached or fried egg and some sautéed spinach for a quick, easy and aesthetically pleasing weekday before-work breakfast. Just make sure you visit your local supermarket the night before to buy it (well, it’s quite easy to find it in Thailand at least).

IMG_2315 copyIMG_2311

Tip: If brekkie plan A fails, you can always serve this dish with orange sweet potato

This month’s recipe credits go to the awesome team at A House In The Hills. I normally have purple sweet potato for certain dinners but their recipe has definitely made me want to have it for breakfast (lunch and dinner!).



  1. After scrubbing them, cut 3 purple sweet potatoes into chunks before putting them in a skillet (or frying pan) with oil, salt and pepper
  2. You have 2 choices: either fry them in a pan or (the better way) cook them in the oven for 5-6 minutes before flipping them over to avoid burning. Continue this for 20 minutes in total.
  3. Whilst the potatoes are cooking, sauté the spinach with some oil, salt and pepper in a pan.
  4. Also start poaching the egg in a pot with hot water before serving the entire dish in the following order: potato on the bottom, spinach in the middle and the poached egg on the top (feel free to add some chopped spring onion and seasoning at the end to complete the dish)

*This recipe was inspired by and abbreviated the original one from A House in The Hills blog which can be found HERE
**For an even healthier option, add in some roughly chopped kale and diced onion to the dish

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17 thoughts on “Something Purple, Something Sweet

  1. Really nice to see your egg recipes,good breakfast, not too heavy but healthy. You have lovely thoughts and clever ideas of using word of egg, you created it for many meanings, it looks more attractive to read. Wish to see all these word of egg be included in the English dictionary!!
    Nice wordings as usual. Clean and tidy page, not too much of other stuff that can make your page looks messy. Well done Tiff👍 Keep walking…😍

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