Waiting for Elle (Fashion Week)

Truth: Good things come to those that wait

I’ll admit. I am not someone who is particularly fond of waiting, especially underneath Thailand’s yearly summer heat. However, in the case of Elle Fashion Week 2017, I managed to make that mindset a complete exception (which involved a lot of worthwhile waiting in three ways).


Waiting for Luck
I’m sure most bloggers would agree that it’s hard to get invited to exclusive events when you first start out in the industry, especially if it’s related to fashion. They always look absolutely amazing but are incredibly hard to score tickets to (be it VIP or regular). In my case, after waiting for the winners to be announced, I was lucky enough to win tickets to Bangkok’s hottest fashion show of the year via a fun competition on the host’s, i.e. Central World, Facebook page. In other words, I waited for luck and it came.


Newbie bloggers: staying active on social is the key to unexpected opportunities!

Waiting for Elle


Clearly, I am not a fashion show expert. So I arrived at Central World’s outdoor square with absolutely no idea what to expect for Elle Fashion Week. And honestly, as much as I like being prepared ahead of times, I think going with a bit of uncertainty made it so much more fun. After getting my tickets checked and stamped, I walked into the outdoor waiting arena where I was greeted by a huge selection of stands offering freebies, drinks and more.


Again, I am not sure if this sort of layout is typical for a fashion week, but honestly I thought, who cares? I had a wonderful time going around each booth taking Instagram-worthy photos and trying out what they offered before the show actually started (thank you Godiva for pampering me with free chocolates!). The prettiest one was definitely the stunning Swarovski truck, although I’m definitely giving my final gold star to the little Garrett’s popcorn stand as it was there that I finally realised why everyone was absolutely MAD (in a good way) about its popcorn.


Needless to say, waiting game number 2 was definitely even more fun than the first.

Waiting for ASV

To be “fashionably late” is a term I’m sure most people are familiar with. There’s usually a strong emphasis on the second word of the phrase, but I for one think the adjective of the first word was much more applicable to this year’s AW fashion collection by the famous Thai brand, ASV. With luck granting me an excellent seat just 2 rows behind the FROW, I was treated to a gorgeous catwalk featuring delicate, feminine pieces echoing the theme “at the ballet“. There wasn’t a single dress or blouse in any colour that I didn’t adore, although probably what caught my breathe the most was that I was actually seeing all this with my own two eyes. It’s always been an event that I’d dreamed of going to in any country, and if I ever get to go to another one (hint hint Elle) I promise I’ll bring a much better camera to take photos (I wasn’t quite sure how many photos we’d be allowed to take so I refrained from bring my best one this time!). It was definitely the greatest finale to my first ever fashion show attendance.


Well, need I say more? It was definitely worth the wait.

This post is my response to this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge:Waiting

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    1. Thank you! I’m so glad you enjoyed your “virtual” experience of Elle Fashion Week 2017 in Bangkok! It was truly worth the wait and I hope I can take you and all the other readers to more amazing events 😊 thanks for stopping by!

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