The Forest In The City

Truth: Beauty is everywhere. You just need time and patience to find it.

Living in a metropolitan city can be a bit tiresome at times. Sure it’s great that everything is so convenient and mostly open 24/7, but I do sometimes crave for a bit of peace and quiet away from the bustling sois of Bangkok. There are of course many parks that one can escape to (my favourites being the Benjasiri Park and Queen Sirikit Park). However, on certain occasions, I like to take time to travel a tad bit further, to the capital’s newest yet highly secretive Metro Forest, to immerse in nature’s peacefulness.


Located in the Prawet District near Bangkok’s international airport, this urban jungle is a great place to visit on a sunny Sunday with family or outdoor photography lovers. In truth though, it’s more than a new eco-tourism hotspot, but a reforestation project aimed at educating visitors on the importance of nature and taking care of the environment. It’s not just all show and tell though. Although it only just opened in mid 2016 by PTT, visitors already have an opportunity to  support the project by planting new trees during their visit.


And what’s the highlight of this forest? Apart from all the different types of flora and fauna (so many of which I have already forgotten their exact names!), the most iconic feature is its observation tower that overlooks the entire forest. It’s the tallest manmade structure there and thus the perfect place to be if you want admire the true beauty of the nature below. However if you want a slightly more microscopic view of all the unique, natural structures and shapes that every single flower and leaf bears, make sure you head back downstairs to the connecting sky walk bridge.


Seriously, coming from someone who kind of (as you may have noticed) likes to photograph food quite a bit more than flora, I honestly could not stop admiring and stopping to capture every single unique plant species I saw. Now if only I’d remembered to snapshot the names of each one I took…(I’m sure this is a perfect excuse to go back again sometime soon!)


Tip: Cab or drive! The forest is best reached by taxi (from Udom Suk or airport) or car


Final thoughts
At the end of the day though, it’s not just about taking Instagrammable photos (which I myself am often a culprit of). Going to Metro Forest is more about personal rejuvenation from a hectic working week in Bangkok and, most importantly, remembering and valuing the many natural structures (all of which are so beautiful yet often overlooked for how fragile they are to sudden changes) that also exist within the city’s manmade structures.


Hmm…I guess it really is worth stopping to smell the roses (or in this case, taking time out to visit The Forest In The City).

This post is my response to this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge: Structure

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39 thoughts on “The Forest In The City

  1. 👍🌳🦆Very interesting place and i have just seen and heard about it from your blog for the first time. Where have I been in Bangkok? Why i don’t know any places and event you’ve been to? Something wrong with me!!! I should i have been living in the forest!!! Embarrassing… Thanks for introduces us a nice environment to spend time with. 🌳🐌🍄🐝🌴🦋

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Excellent! Do let me know if you manage to find out the exact names of the flowers and trees I photographed (My nature vocabulary is extremely basic unfortunately 😅


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