Little Baker Surprise


Truth: the best surprises often come in small packages

Or in this case, on small plates. Continuing on with my self-initiated quest to dine at all of Bangkok’s best little cafes, I decided to move away from Ari where I’d found the scone expert, Witty Ville, and the humble artisan bakery, Frank Cake Bar, to head slightly further up north to Ladprao.


Much like other parts of Bangkok, Ladprao is a lively and bustling district that’s full of traditional Thai flavour and fun. It’s a very popular tourist destination (thanks to the infamous JJ weekend market of course). But in terms of having delicious little bakeries, I wasn’t at all sure. However, since it was a very sunny Sunday, I decided to make the most of it and walked to the Little Baker Cafe on Soi 5 for afternoon tea.


My first and final impressions were identical: What’s there NOT to love about this little cafe? It’s definitely got one of the most Instagrammable interiors and exteriors that I’ve ever seen (attention: shoe selfie lovers, get ready to take LOTS of photos). With a mix of pastels and marble, the cafe’s definitely got a 5 star rating on my imaginary restaurant decor list. Kind of why I spent 30 minutes taking photos of 1 cake and 3 macarons. The question that now remains I guess is, did they taste good?

A special shout out to the lovely lady that let me photograph her rainbow pancakes! 


And my response to that is a definite YES. Not too sweet and not too rich in buttercream, the vanilla flavoured “Twinkle Little Star” cake was definitely my favourite out of the two I got. I especially liked how they used a mix of buttercream icing and fondant decorations to craft it. If you ever go, make sure you finish it off with an icy cool beverage for the ultimate weekend indulgence.


Hmm…I guess it is important to enjoy the “little” surprises in life.

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32 thoughts on “Little Baker Surprise

  1. I love the images accompanying this post! They are absolutely delectable and mouth wateringly lovely. Your style of writing is captivating to read. I wish I lived closer to this bakery so that I could check it out. It’s so charming!

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  2. Thank you so much for the review. We are very glad and honored to hear that. Hope you had a great time both here, our cafe and also Bangkok 🙂 look forward to seeing you again soon

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