Bangkok River Fair


As I’ve mentioned before, Bangkok is a busy city. From day and night, there’s always some sort of event happening. For most of the time, events generally promote entertainment, food and shopping. They’re definitely my top 3 interests (esp. the shopping), but sometimes, it’s nice to go to an event where culture and education are at its heart. And in the case of last weekend, that was precisely what I felt when I visited the Bangkok River Fair at Banglamphu Museum.


It wasn’t the biggest event in the world, but it was enjoyable. The fair essentially aimed at reviving the unique sub-cultures from Bangkok’s riverside communities through food, handicrafts and even music. These communities were founded along the infamous Chao Phraya River (hence the name of the fair). What’s most interesting for me, having trained as an anthropologist in uni, is that no community upholds one nationality. Rather, they were formed through an eclectic combination of different nationalities like Chinese, Arab, Malay and, of course, Thai. Sadly, like most sub-cultures, many of these are starting to fade. So it was definitely refreshing to see so many passionate people working hard to reconnect Bangkokians with their history and heritage.


Tip: Be open and take time to explore Bangkok’s many unique sub-cultures! 


And speaking of a melting pot of cultures, just wait till you see where I’m jetting off to this weekend… (ahem*followmyInstagram*ahem)

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