(Pan)Cakes for Breakfast

Truth: You CAN eat cake for breakfast

If you’ve been keeping up to date with my foodie posts, you’ll already know that I love exploring the many unique eateries in Bangkok (e.g. Witty Ville for scones, Lady L for a ladylike lunch). There’s just so many you can choose from! However, when I’m feeling a bit creative, I’ll opt for dining in instead. And in the case of pancakes, it’s always a home crafted treat for me.


Now, I know pancakes are probably not the healthiest breakfast options, but believe me, THESE are definitely healthy. They’re super fluffy and thick buckwheat pancakes made with coconut milk instead of cow’s milk and no eggs (essentially suitable for vegans or simply health conscious foodies like me). Since buckwheat is packed full with essential amino acids and is a great power grain to normal wheat, it is definitely possible to scoff down an extra one or two helpings (or 5 in my case!).


Oh, and did I mention that they are incredibly Instagrammable? Just look at my photos!


Big credits go to Connoisseurus Veg for coming up with the recipe. I wish I could have thought of something so smart and incredibly tasty to make first! Anyhow, what’s listed below is an abbreviated version of the original recipe with some extra special toppings suggestions by me. Hope you enjoy it.



  1. Combine the wet ingredients* with the flaxseeds in a bowl and leave for 5 minutes. Whilst you wait, sift and mix the two flours** in a bowl, then stir in the other dry ingredients and the salt.
  2. Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredient bowl and mix until blended (if necessary, add more milk for a smooth consistency)
  3. Heat up a frying pan with a bit of vegetable oil. Using a ladle, pour in scoops of pancake mix to cook.
  4. Serve whilst hot with cacao nibs, banana slices and, of course, maple syrup**

*The original recipe used almond milk, but I think coconut milk gives it an additional zest of flavour (plus I only had that in my fridge!)
**For a gluten free version, use spelt flour or more buckwheat flour instead of plain flour
***Flaked almonds are also a good topping (even better when they’re toasted)
Original recipe HERE

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