The Bangkok Banksy


ATTENTION: Banksy has finally reached Thailand! Well, no not really, but Bangkok is in reality home to an incredibly artistic crowd. Whether you like street arts or fine arts, it’s never difficult to spot something creative happening in Bangkok (from local and international artists). And for today’s travel blog post, I’ve come to Chalerma Park (aka. Graffiti paradise) in the heart of the bustling city.


I wasn’t quite sure if I ought to tag this post as “lifestyle” (arts) or “travel“. But to be honest, Chalerma Park easily satisfies both passion pillars. Located near Ratchathewi BTS station (Exit 1), this little park is the perfect starting point for truly immersing yourself into Bangkokian street art. Every corner is simply breathtaking, from full on graffiti murals to intricate but attractive cartoon doodles (the penguin parade being my absolute favourite). You can visit for free and stay as long as you like as it’s open to public everyday from dawn till dusk.


I’m not sure what the park was before, but most of the art has been produced on remnants of what looks like an old building (hence the broken staircases and platforms). It’s a very unique setup, and with the addition of several pastel coloured swings, it’s no wonder Chalerma Park attracts a wealth of professional photographers and fashion bloggers everyday.


Tip: There are no safety railings at the park, so watch your step whilst you Instagram!


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Chalerma Park is definitely worth a million.

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17 thoughts on “The Bangkok Banksy

    1. Yeeess! And can you believe that Chalerma Park is only the beginning of Bangkok’s street art scene? Will be uploading more as I continue my Thai street art adventures 😎😎😎 stay tuned! 🎨

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