Ciao Italia


Saying goodbye is never easy, and that was definitely the case for me when our Italy adventure finally came to an end. It'd been an eventful 2 weeks filled with gracious amounts of constant sunshine, yummy food, and, above all, fun. So for this final Italy travel blog post, I've put together an album showing you my favourite snapshots from the other 3 touristy places we visited: Rome, Florence and Milan.


Whether it was a historical landmark or just simply food, everything in my opinion was worthy of photographing at least once (or 20 in my case!)


Tip: Photos look best in natural sunlight – so make the most of the morning!


I know in Italian, "ciao" can mean hello and goodbye informally. So if I say "Ciao Italia", will it mean it's not really a goodbye forever but a see you again soon?

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