Witty Little Bakes


You probably already know that Bangkok is a food lover’s paradise (if you didn’t, then believe me, it is!). Whether you like traditional street food or fine Thai dining, Bangkok has it all. However, what you may not know is that Thailand’s capital is also notorious for an eclectic range of small specialist eateries (which may or may serve Thai cuisine). Witty Ville, a homemade bakery, is a perfect example.


Tucked away in the hip Ari neighbourhood, this adorable bakery is a great place for scones (sweet and savoury). My favourite was definitely the matcha and white chocolate. It also serves other mouthwatering sweet bakes plus cold summery drinks perfect for any snack time or afternoon tea. And if you’re feeling spendy, there are some cute little tabletop accessories for sale.


Tip: Pop in early to get the best homemade bakes!


Where in Ari is it exactly? You’ll have to wait till part 2 of my Little BKK Eats series!

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